Elizabeth Huey in her Highland Park Studio

Elizabeth Huey

in her studio

Sunday, May 19, 2019
5:00 pm

ECHO/LOCATE gathers small groups of careful observers to explore what lies beneath the surface of an artist’s practice. Hoping to generate a refreshing, hospitable experiment in critical perception, invited participants will work to locate both themselves and the artist in an ongoing historic, philosophical, spiritual, and art-historical discourse. Listening collectively for the echo of the artist’s position among these enduring features of human experience ought to provoke, expand and enrich the perspectives of all. In locating the artist, we also locate ourselves.

This event’s featured artist is Elizabeth Huey and the conversation will be led by Bridge Projects’ Directors Linnéa Spransy and Cara Megan Lewis. Huey’s paintings explore human connection and healing. Out of a substratum of expressive paint, architectural and figural elements emerge conflating disparate styles and eras. Huey employs historical research to delve into the complexities of her chosen subjects. Driven to depict the inner motivations of the heroic, Huey’s paintings are portraits of what she calls the “unseen” or inner landscape of an individual. Ultimately, Huey’s paintings are about remembrance and reconstruction: a totemic reminder of our human capacity to overcome trauma and draw invention from catastrophe.