Fan Xi 范西

Fan Xi creates imagery that is simultaneously free-spirited and deeply researched, from portraits, architectural ruins, wilderness, and botany to homemade tableaus and still lifes. Her investigation into game theory has contributed to the dramatic tension in her images. By using a variety of materials, keenly focusing and amplifying subtle differences in detail, disrupting and reversing the customary image cognition order, Fan challenges viewers’ image perceptions. By her keen observation of subjects, she emphasizes the relative stillness of objects in absolute motion.

Fan Xi was born in Shandong, China; she currently lives and works in Beijing. She received a BFA in Sculpture from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Her recent solo exhibitions include Telescope, Beijing (2020); L’s living room, Jimei Arles, Xiamen, (2019); Le déplacement, Gallery Liusa Wang, Paris (2018); A Scene · Being, Institute for Provocation, Beijing (2017); Distanciation, Dawan Art Foundation, Paris (2017); and Reduction of Image, Gallery Yang, Beijing (2016). Her recent group exhibitions include After Sunset, Gallery Liusa Wang, Pairs (2018); The Same But Also Changed, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai (2018); Bad New Days Ahead, Tai Kang Space, Beijing (2017); The Staged Club, Hong Kun Museum of Fine Art, Beijing (2017); Art from Beijing, S.E Gallery, Bergen (2017); and New Photography Choice, La Villa des Arts, Paris (2017).

Selected Works
Object No. 1, 2018
archival inkjet print, 59 x 67 inches
Object No. 2, 2018
archival inkjet print, 59 x 77 1/2 inches
A line, 2019
archival inkjet print, 88 1/2 x 59 inches
Tree No. 1, 2019
archival inkjet print, 63 x 112 1/4 inches
Exhibitions & Programs