Stephen Gleadow

Through picking up materials from dust bins and other places that people ignore or despise, Stephen Gleadow recognizes and brings to light a material’s hidden and true value. His art is a brutal “in your face reality” but is built on a foundation of faith, hope unseen, and love of truth. Through reclaiming that which is viewed as worthless—mending the broken, gathering the lost, giving it a name and a place—Gleadow brings new forms to life and new life from the dead.

Stephen Gleadow was born in the US in 1971; he currently lives and works in Beijing. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995. His recent solo exhibitions include Signal, Telescope, Beijing (2018) and Synthesis, Beijing American Center, Beijing (2015). His recent group exhibitions include Likeness of a Thought, Telescope and Peking Fine Arts, Beijing (2016); Maybe BSpace, CAFA International Gallery, Beijing (2016); and Concrete Flux, Studio X + Dashilar Platform, Beijing (2015).

Selected Works
Dust: A Region of Space from Which Nothing Can Escape..., 2019
paper, toner, linen, glue, gel, medium, gouache, 100 4/5 x 177 inches
Tian Long Zuo / The Tail, 2019
gravitational interactions, moths and rust, wooden branch, found plaster sculptural fragments, wooden benches, 20 3/5 x 19 7/10 x 9 4/5 inches
The Arrow, 2019
wooden branch, found plaster and sculptural fragments, aluminum tape, plywood, wooden bench, 47 1/5 x 19 7/10 x 11 4/5 inches
Ara and the Deep Field, 2019
wooden branch, found plaster, sculptural fragments, wooden pedestal, 52 2/5 x 33 1/10 x 29 1/10 inches
A Composite Leviathan, chapter 2,
Exhibition view at Bridge Projects, Photo: Robert Wedemeyer
Exhibitions & Programs