Art Fair
Bridge Projects Opening Celebration, photo: Gina Clyne

Oasis at Bridge Projects

Tea Tasting
Bridge Projects
Friday, February 14, 2020
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

10am-12pm: Tea Tasting with Do Kim

The light work of Phillip K. Smith III is meditative; it slows the frenetic tempo of the surrounding Hollywood environment and allows stillness. In concert with this quality, Bridge Projects will host a series of experiences designed as a calming respite in the midst of the art fair weekend: tea tastings, soundscapes and brief relaxation workshops will augment the inherent peace of Phillip K. Smith III’s installation.

Do Kim, partner of Copa Vida Cafe, is a tea enthusiast and passionate about sharing this lively beverage. She has been a student of tea since 2010 and furthered her education in Pu'er City in Yunnan Province, China in 2015 where she learned to pick, process and drink tea leaves. She has curated the tea program at Copa Vida Cafe since 2013. Recently, while looking at a work of art, Do had a specific taste of tea in her mouth. She gathered her friends and did her first tea interpretation of an artwork. This opened up a whole new world for tea. Currently she is obsessed with finding the best cup of Pu'er tea and continues to educate as well as share her love of tea.